L. Ron Hubbard: The Founder of Scientology

With peace restored at war’s end, Mr. Hubbard immediately set out to further test the workability of his breakthroughs. This was intensive research. For subjects he selected people from all walks of life–in Hollywood, where he worked with actors and writers; Savannah, Georgia, where he helped deeply disturbed inmates in a mental hospital; and in Washington, DC, New York City, New Jersey, Pasadena, Los Angeles and Seattle. In all, he personally helped over four hundred individuals before 1950, with spectacular results. And he used the same procedures to cure injuries and wounds he himself had received, fully recovering his health by 1949.

So complete was his recovery, that officers from the Naval Retiring Board reviewing Lt. Hubbard’s case were actually upset. After all, they reasoned, how could a man physically shot to pieces at the end of the war pass his full physical examination? The only answer, they concluded, was that L. Ron Hubbard must be somebody else. And when they found that all was in order, they designated him fit for active duty.

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