L. Ron Hubbard: The Founder of Scientology

Painting of L. Ron Hubbard: The Founder of Scientology and author of Dianetics Thereupon a new lesson was learned.

A workable technology of the mind, that anyone could use to help himself and others, was totally at odds with the entrenched medical and psychiatric establishment. They preached that the mind was so complex it could only be understood by “experts” (themselves). They depended upon government appropriations and research grants and perceived Dianetics as a threat to these vested interests (ignoring the fact that Mr. Hubbard had always funded his own research). A technology that anyone could use posed a threat to their monopoly and their billions of dollars. They not only refused to accept Dianetics, they tried to suppress its use. If helping others was their sole purpose, certainly they would have embraced a new, completely proven technological breakthrough and assisted its release for the benefit of society. But they did not, and thus one can only conclude that their true motives were more sordid–the control of others toward their own interests, or, in one word, greed.

L. Ron Hubbard’s friends and associates were aghast at the responses from the bastions of healing. On the one hand were hundreds of case histories with rave testimonials from those who had studied and used Dianetics and thousands of letters from people wanting to know more. On the other hand were the few “experts” who had resorted to 220 volts of electricity to cure problems of the mind, who had never studied the subject of Dianetics but nonetheless, didn’t want it.

And so the decision was made. L. Ron Hubbard would go directly to the public with a handbook, detailing his discoveries and the techniques he had developed. Never before had there been such a text on the mind, a work expressly written for the man on the street.

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